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About our organisation.

Britain's Bloodshed is dedicated to providing analysis and opinion of the wars that Britain were and are involved in.

We seek to inform the public of the bloodshed suffered at the hands of our country.

Our aim is to give a voice to those that have been and will be wiped from history, whilst exposing the heinous war crimes the British ruling elite have committed.
This is a critical blog and we are in no way claiming to be impartial. The subjects we write about are chosen based on the amount of information we feel is underreported in the mainstream media.

We do not claim to be anti-establishment either. All we want to do is ensure people are more critical about everything they hear, whilst inspiring them to conduct research of their own.

“No peace without truth; no war without lies.” – Julian Assange


Our writers scan an extensive amount of sources to ensure their information is accurate.


We aim to expose information that has been underreported in the mainstream media.


Our blog posts ensures our reader know the other side of the story.

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